For the past several years, I've admired the gorgeous photos on some of my favorite blogs and have wanted to start learning more about photography.

But a few things held me back. I feared that I wouldn't be good at it. I worried that it was too costly of a hobby. I felt like I didn't have a good enough reason to want to be a photographer.

Then I figured out that I didn't need a reason — the very fact that I wanted to do it was reason enough!

In October 2010, I decided to start taking my dreams very, very seriously, and set a goal to buy a camera by Valentine's Day. In the interim, I set aside the money I would need and looked into which kind of camera to buy.

My friend Aaron (now fiance!), who happens to be an extremely talented photographer, helped me choose a Canon Rebel T2i:

With a Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens:

You can read about the day I got my camera in this post. This is how I felt that day, and how I still feel whenever I pick up my camera:
Even though I have much to learn, I'm so thrilled just to have the camera. I've been thinking about getting into photography for about two years, but only started taking the idea seriously when I realized that life is too short to waste time thinking about something when I could be doing it!
Since February, I've had a blast learning how to use the camera. I'm definitely not a pro photographer, but I certainly have fun trying to do my best!

Here are some of my favorite shots.

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