Friday, September 24, 2010

The view from here

I've become obsessed with the sky.

Maybe it's just this time of year, but I've been noticing how beautiful it is lately — whenever it's not completely gray and cloudy.

I love me some sunshine, but I'd take interesting clouds over clear, blue skies most days.

Take Wednesday, for example. Here's what I saw on my bus ride home (click photo for larger version):

Then I ran a few errands in Woodinville, and stopped dead in my tracks in a parking lot to snap this:

And when I walked out of the store, I stopped and stared at this for a while:

I sat in my minivan watching the sunset and thought about... nothing. The sky looked unreal. It's been a while since a sight like this has knocked me over and made me be still. I'm always moving toward something, keeping my eyes on the path ahead, and not taking much time to look around at where I am at any given moment.

My life is not perfect, and there are a lot of things I'd like to change and a lot of things I'd like to accomplish in the future. But it's also nice to stop every once in a while, take a quiet moment, and enjoy the view from here.

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