Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Townhouse: Part II

Oh, hellooo. Excuse my feet!

I'm sitting here resting my legs after running seven miles in brand-new shoes and suffering the slightly painful consequences. So why don't I continue that townhouse tour I started back in February?

To refresh your memory, here are the kitchen and the living room:

$120 Craigslist couch for the win!

I'm not much for decorating, but fresh flowers are always nice, especially when they come from a nice young gentleman...

 Flowers just make everything happier!

And they made it up to my room.

The bed and nightstand used to belong to my mom. There's a matching nightstand on the other side, which I don't use, but I appreciate symmetry.

When I moved into the townhouse, I splurged on new sheets, a new down comforter and a new memory-foam mattress topper. For years, I had been using a weird combo of mismatched sheets and an old, too-small comforter from my freshman year in the dorms, so it was time to start fresh. This bed is now ridiculously comfortable and very difficult to get out of!

The other side of my room opens up to a balcony with a sliding glass door that lets in a lot of light. Lucky me, I know! The curtains also came with the place. The view outside is nice sometimes.

Fun fact: I rescued the office chair from the curb while I was in college. It has a few tears, but it's pretty comfortable! I ain't picky.

My race bibs are the only things I've put on my walls. Like I said, I'm not much for decorating. The desk is a castoff from my brother, I think, and the basic plastic drawers to the right hold all my old school supplies and files of important papers. You'll spy a bottle of Elmer's glue if you look closely. What?

The top shelf is a great place to throw papers and mail that I don't want to deal with. I also displayed my high school and college diplomas up there to prove I got me some education.

I keep my book collection to a minimum because I don't reread a lot of books, and I'd rather grab something from the library than haul a bunch of books around every time I move. This is probably too many books for me to have, even.

The Clinton book is signed by the man himself, but I haven't read it all the way through. I skipped to the pages under "Lewinsky, Monica" in the index. Oh, you would, too!

I have a few bears that hold special meaning, plus an old postcard from my favorite college professor's address to the graduating class of 2008. I didn't attend his address since I graduated the following year, but the professor saved one of those cards for me to have, and I happened to like that quote...

On to the bathroom!

I share this with one of my roommates, but it's pretty big and we each have our own space.

The his-and-hers — hers-and-hers? — sinks are great, and the shelf/drawer unit in the middle is fab for storage. We girls have lot of fancy stuff to put in our hair, you know.

I hang out over on this side. I picked out that shower curtain you see in the reflection — it was the least ugly one I could find at Bed, Bath and Beyond. What's with all the ugly shower curtains, BB&B?

That's it for the tour! There are two other bedrooms, two other bathrooms and a garage, but you'll have to use your imagination.

I'm off to go make some dinner and ice my shins in the hopes that I can hit the pavement again soon. After all, I'm only 11 days away from my first 10K (6.2-mile) race! And then I'll have another bib to add to my, umm, minimalist decor.


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  1. Your house is pretty interesting and really organized. I like your bedroom because it looks so cozy just like the bedroom of my parents in their townhouse at the retirement communities in NY.

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