Thursday, June 16, 2011

My favorite posts

I've added a few new pages to the blog recently, in case you've missed 'em!

  • The Photography page explains how I started getting into photography and how I bought my camera, and it also features some of my favorite photos.

  • And finally, the Favorite posts page is one I've been meaning to add for quite some time. I always love perusing this type of page on other blogs, since it really helps me get to know the bloggers and more of their stories.

I've also put all the links to my favorite posts in this post as well, so you don't have to click all the way over to the new page if you don't want to. I don't always write really descriptive post titles, so you'll notice that I've added brief explanations to some of them so you'll know what they're about.


Most popular posts

An unhurried life
WDS: People who've changed my life
Halloween 2010: The lobster costume — you wanna click this one, trust me
Hawaii video & what to do on Oahu
For Aaron — my boyfriend's motorcycle accident and recovery

Money posts

Money troubles, and why I love my mom — how I got started with paying off my debt
Back to the beginning — how I got into debt in the first place
For the win — finally paying off my credit card
Before and after — finally paying off my student loan and becoming 100% debt-free
Patience. Passion. A plan. — the three keys to my debt-paying success
The reasons — why personal finance is so important to me

G.O.O.D. (Getting Out of Debt) tips

Tip #1: Get organized — write everything down
Tip #2: Get angry — raise a little hell
Tip #3: Get thee to an ATM — start paying with cash

Adventures and vacations

Hurtling through the air toward certain death — my first skydive
Tequila shots that don't kill you will only make you stronger — my first 5K
"When a great adventure is offered, you don't refuse it" — free Caribbean cruise!
Notes from the Caribbean and beyond — cruise photos and my third 5K
1/1/11 in photos, plus 2011 goals — New Year's Day 5K and polar bear dive
Race day — my favorite parts of every race
The batting cage — trying not to die
A soul trip — off to Hawaii
Oahu in photos and Oahu through Aaron's lens
Do Life: Seattle and my DetermiNation

Wisdom and life-changing things (aka "Things I've learned from Chris Guillebeau")

Doing it all
On family
The next trapeze bar — meeting Jenny Blake on her book tour
Grabbing the bananas — meeting Chris Guillebeau on his Unconventional Book Tour
On perfectionism and failure
Talent, passion and love, love, love
Start taking your dreams very, very seriously
You don't have to live your life the way other people expect you to

Reflective posts

Will it be scary?
2010: The year in review
What a difference a year makes
A sense of possibilities — reflecting on my first year of real-world employment


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