Thursday, March 29, 2012

My 7 Super Travel Shots

My friends Gerard and Kieu from GQTrippin tagged me to participate in 7 Super Shots, a game started by Hostelbookers to encourage travelers to share their best photos. I was floored by Gerard and Kieu's photos of India — you must hop over to their blog and check them out!

As I chose a photo to fit each of the seven categories, I realized I had already posted several of these photos on the blog or on my Facebook page. Once I snap a good shot, I just can't resist sharing it! I hope you'll forgive me for the repeats and enjoy the new ones.

And... I may have gone a little overboard for #5. Let's all just smile and act like it's perfectly normal, OK? : )

1. A photo that takes my breath away.

I spent an entire day in Hervey Bay, Australia, walking along the beach. I literally had nothing better to do, and that fact made me incredibly happy. At the turnaround point of my walk, I got a big ol' ice cream cone and watched a wedding party take late-afternoon photos by Urangan Pier.

The view as I walked back, as you can see, wasn't half bad.

2. A photo that makes me laugh or smile.

I was amazed when my sunscreen squirted out into this perfect smiley ghost face on the beach in Paihia, New Zealand. I still got sunburned, so now I think the smiley ghost was mocking me.

I'm not upset, though. Who could stay mad at that face?

3. A photo that makes me dream.

I caught this sunrise a few hours before I landed in New Zealand to begin my round-the-world trip. Most people on the plane were asleep, but I was wide awake, staring out the window and dreaming of all that was in store for me in the next year.

It was an incredible way to kick off the adventure.

4. A photo that makes me think.

I did approximately zero research about New Zealand's Tongariro Alpine Crossing before I tackled the 19.4 km (12 mi) hike, and I was shocked to see this view of the Emerald Lakes once I reached the top of an incredibly rocky and foggy climb. This is actually the most famous part of the Crossing, but, to me, it was just a stunning surprise. I think my reaction was along the lines of, "Holy shit!"

It always boggles my mind that places this ridiculously beautiful exist on our planet.

5. A photo that makes my mouth water.

I couldn't choose just one — yes, I love food that much — so I present you with breakfast, lunch and dinner:

Room service/hangover cure from Hotel Fifty in Portland, Oregon.

The best fish tacos I've ever had from Sweet Home Waimanolo in Waimanolo, Hawaii (island of Oahu). I had this for lunch two days in a row — perfection.

The greatest cupcake of all time from The Sweetest Things in Sydney, Australia. Yes, this is what I meant by "dinner." Shhh, don't question it.

6. A photo that tells a story.

This bench in Portland played a huge part in my decision to quit my job and travel the world. Here is the story of how I realized I wanted to live an unhurried life.

7. A photo that I am most proud of (aka my National Geographic-worthy shot).

I just wrote about how I captured this shot from the Harbour Bridge after a miserable, rainy morning in Sydney. It was such a surreal moment. When I think of Sydney, I will always think of how I felt as I took in this view.


Time to pass along the fun! I nominate the following travel bloggers to share their 7 super shots:

Also, if you have a travel blog and would like to participate, consider yourself tagged! I'm a rebel like that. Feel free to link to your photos in the comments!

There are very few things I love more than travel photos... like chocolate cupcakes. : )


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  1. Wow! Way to make someone drool on #5. Haha. Did you see the massive bats in Hervey Bay? Crazy right?! And.. I totally remembered that sunscreen ghost squirt. Makes me laugh every time. :P Great shots, Devon! We'll see you in CM. *wink*

    1. Yay, can't wait to see you guys soon! Hope Gerard's feeling better!

  2. I would love to but i am officially out of the travel blogging business :D

    1. Ohh, bummer! Well, more time to enjoy your travels, then. : )

  3. Great shots! Just found your blog and am looking forward to reading more about your adventures.


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