Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wrong turn

Looks like someone's a little lost.

I found this guy sitting right on top of a fence post after a recent rainstorm.

(Sorry, that was redundant. Rainstorms are always recent in Seattle.)

I thought this snail was kind of hilarious. What the heck was he doing all the way up there?

Maybe this fence post was his Everest and I captured the thrilling moment of his summit.

Or maybe he just took a wrong turn and once he got to the top, he realized that he had to go allll the wayyyy back dowwwwn.

"Aw, man! This is gonna take me forever."

I'll never know what this little guy was really up to. Maybe next time he'll use the yard's new flagstones to find his way.

If only all of life's paths were so clearly marked.

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