Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I do... love going to weddings

I recently made fun of some guys who couldn't have been less interested in catching the garter at a wedding I attended. But the truth is... I kept myself completely out of the running for the bouquet toss.

I stood back from the whole affair. Far back. I didn't want that bouquet landing on, near or around me.

I'm not ready to get married anytime soon — I usually have a hard time committing to my food order at happy hour, if that tells you anything — but I love going to weddings.

I go to witness the romance, the chaos, the certainty, the uncertainty, the nervousness, the excitement and, most of all, the love — the love of parents as they simultaneously let go of one child and embrace another; the love of siblings as they watch their childhood playmates grow up; the love of friends, old and new, who gather to cheer and toast; and the love of the bride and groom for each other, which will hopefully last a lifetime.

I see all this love and think, yeah, I could do this. Maybe it'll happen for me someday. And, also, the calamari looks delicious.

Let's not lie: I also go to weddings for the drinking...

...the cake...

...the dancing...

...the entertainment...

...the entertainment...

...and did I mention the drinking?

Ahhh, weddings. What would summer be without them?

While perusing countless Facebook albums of engagement and wedding photos this summer, I stumbled across a former coworker's save-the-date video. But it's not just any video — gorgeous, romantic and stunning don't even describe it. And then I saw that same girl's "love story" video, put together by the same company for the couple to show at their rehearsal dinner. Gorgeous. Romantic. Stunning.

The company is Sandbox Love, a California-based startup that consists of some crazy-talented dudes. If you love weddings as much as I do and don't mind getting a little teary-eyed, watch some of the other videos on their Web site. The actual wedding videos are my favorite — check out a super fun, beautiful wedding here, and an insanely awesome and extravagant Persian-Iranian wedding here.

Ugh, save me. I'm obsessed!!

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