Friday, August 13, 2010

Life in cartoon motion

My dad and I got the same phone several weeks ago, a Samsung Vibrant (aka Galaxy S), from T-Mobile. We're both used to having horribly outdated phones, so when we got together for dinner recently, we spent nearly the entire meal showing each other the cool features we'd discovered.

The 5.0 megapixel camera shoots in several different modes, but, being extremely whimsical and childlike, I fixated on one that my dad showed me: cartoon mode.

It puts such a fun spin on life. The animation kind of reminds me of King of the Hill.
My dad took a picture of me on his phone... which I took a picture of with my phone. OK, so we're pretty lame. But it's a whole new world of AWESOME for us!

So I've been documenting random moments of my life in cartoons because, um, why not? Call it my homage to Gabriel Campanario's Seattle Sketcher column, minus the actual talent that's involved in his work. You can click each photo to view a larger, more detailed version. Enjoy!

And then back to reality...

...which ain't so bad itself.

(I stole the title of this post from Mika's 2007 debut album, Life in Cartoon Motion. I saw him perform at The Fillmore in San Francisco with my college roommate a few years back — awesome. What ever happened to him??)

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