Monday, January 30, 2012

Clearing Out & Going Away

I spent this weekend clearing out my bedroom, hauling most of my belongings to Goodwill and storing some of them at my dad's place.

I'm getting down to bare bones — check out this emptiness.

Since I sold my desk chair ($5, even though I originally dragged it off the street for free), I can compute in bed without feeling too lazy. : )

I'm very happy with the amount of stuff I've gotten rid of versus the amount of stuff I'm keeping. It was tough to part with some items at first, but as I sold and gave away more and more, the easier it became.

The key question was: What is replaceable?

Photos and letters from loved ones are not, and I've kept those neatly bundled together in a plastic storage bin. Clothes, furniture and random trinkets, on the other hand, hold no meaning for me, and someone else will find them much more useful if I pass them along.

I'm also happy with the money I've brought in from selling stuff to friends, to thrift stores and on Craigslist — more than $1,000!

  • Furniture: $550
  • Clothing: $164
  • Miscellaneous: $305

Now I just have to finish cleaning up and clearing out of the townhouse today and tomorrow. I'll miss this place, but I'm also excited to move forward!


I had a little going-away gathering Saturday night, which seemed to come out of nowhere. How did it get to be time for that??

First, my closest girlfriends put together a Mexican feast of tacos, rice, beans and Coronas. Delish.

I requested this just so my friend Gillian would make her amazing guacamole, and it totally worked.

Later, we met up with more friends and enjoyed more beers at a few bars in Fremont. It was a laid-back, low-key night, which was exactly what I wanted. 

I loved being able to catch up with — and, sniff, say goodbye to — some of my very favorite people.

The good times and goodbyes continued on Sunday with a visit to John Howie Steak in Bellevue. My friend Amy told me I must experience the happy hour burger and Beecher's mac and cheese before I leave, and I was all too happy to oblige.

It was incredible. I could happily drown in that mac and cheese.

There may have been some deep-fried bacon involved. It wasn't my idea, but I didn't fight it, either!

My only problem is that I have a bunch of food in my fridge, freezer and pantry that I need to use up, but people keep insisting on taking me out to delicious meals. Take Friday's lunch that I shared with Meg at Poquitos in Capitol Hill, for example.

Man, it's just such a tough dilemma. How will I ever manage? : )


This week will be all about tying up loose ends. I need to:

  • finish moving out and establish my place on the couch at my mom's house (which will also serve as my permanent address)
  • cancel utilities accounts
  • forward my mail
  • sell my car (not looking forward to this — I have no clue who will buy a 1993 Dodge Grand Caravan with a cracked windshield and missing hubcap)
  • cancel my car insurance
  • obtain New Zealand currency
  • pick up the last few items on my packing list
  • test pack
  • freak out
  • actually pack
  • LEAVE!

Did I miss anything? (I've already done my taxes and have a $2,100 return on its way — woo-hoo!)

Six days to go...


New here?


  1. You are definitely going to freak out...

    Can you sell your car in 1 week? well done if so! what if you don't will you keep it?

    1. I have no idea! I've never sold a car before. If I can't sell it, I'll donate it. : )

  2. Are you bringing your MacBook with you around the world? I'm debating on whether to bring mine when I go backpacking throughout Central America.

    1. I am. It's on the bigger side (15") but I want to try to keep up with blogging, edit photos, use Skype, etc. I love my MacBook.

  3. Must be getting exciting now! Don't freak out - everything will work out. :)

    Do you have cash for cars where you are? We sold Amy's old car for $300, tow truck came the same day and paid us cash which worked out great.

    1. I think Seattle does have that! Sounds like an easy out, which I completely welcome at this point. : )

  4. I see rookie mistakes. I see ton of stuff you should leave behind. I bet as time goes by you will shed the unwanted lbs….including the laptop (use internet cafes).

    -midwest nut

    1. I suppose all rookies will make rookie mistakes, eh?

      I'm actually extremely happy with everything I've packed so far, and I've found that the weight is quite manageable. I have the smallest pack (by far!) out of every backpacker I've traveled with. And I'm so glad I have my laptop for uploading/editing photos, blogging, etc. — haven't found it to be too bulky or heavy at all.


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