Sunday, January 2, 2011

1/1/11 in photos, plus 2011 goals

The Resolution Run 5K and Polar Bear Dive...

Fish and chips and beer at Paddy Coyne's...

Aaron doing something I cannot do in front of a random apartment building...

Not pictured: a delicious nap, a ridiculously cheesy grilled cheese sandwich, watching Easy A and watching episodes from the first season of Dexter.

A solid first day of the year.

As for the rest of the year...

Devon's 2011 Goals


- Run a sub 27:00 5K — 2/12/11
- Run the Warrior Dash — 7/16/11
- Run a 10K (Bellevue 10K) — 4/17/11
- Run a 15K (Seattle's Best 15K) — 5/21/11
- Run a half marathon (Seattle Rock 'n' Roll) — 6/25/11
- Run a marathon (Las Vegas Rock 'n' Roll) — 12/4/11


- Develop a regular posting schedule for this blog (3x a week; M/W/F?) — Ongoing attempt!
- Be honest — Ongoing
- Be myself — Ongoing

Finances (i.e. the thing I've gotten lazy with lately)

- Write a budget before each payday (twice a month) — Didn't do this!
- Go back to using cash for discretionary spending — Nope
- Save bonuses, as well as a portion of each paycheckstarted automatic savings account 7/1/11
- Have one year's worth of salary in savings by the end of 2011YES! Allowed me to quit my job 11/30/11


- Get at least 7 hours of sleep per weeknight — HA! I was terrible with this
- Eat more fruits/vegetables/whole grains — I did well with fruits/veggies and AVOIDED grains for stomach reasons
- Eat less dairy (cheese in moderation, especially) — Success
- Eat even less meat (I hardly eat it anyway) — I ate MORE meat (still not much) for protein during marathon training
- Find and stick to half-marathon and marathon training programs — Very successful!
- Do more outdoor activities (like hiking) — I hiked, biked, skydived, learned to surf, swam and ran my little heart out


- Go skydiving again — 3/2/11 on the North Shore of Oahu
- Learn how to wakeboard — Nope
- Go rock climbing (even just at REI) — Nope
- Have coffee with Nicole Brodeur — I emailed her and she agreed, but I failed to follow up. Oops.
- Visit New York City10/7-10/10
- Have regular lunch/dinner dates with my dad — Not as many as I would have liked!
- Buy a digital SLR camera and use it — 2/9/11
- Buy a new laptop — 1/29/11

That's all I could come up with for now. It'll be nice to revisit this list and be able to cross things off, or check back on it when I'm in a rut and see what I need to work on achieving.

Speaking of crossing things off... here's my completed (and very short) 2010 list of goals:

1. Pay off my credit card by my birthday.
2. Pay off my student loan by July 1 (actually July 16).
3. Move out of my mom's house by the end of January 2011 with no debt and more than $10,000 in the bank.

The final portion that I just crossed off the list — in bold — was moving out of my mom's house. I moved into a townhouse with two of my great friends on December 26. I love it so far, and I'm so glad I was able to start 2011 out on my own.

2010 was the year of getting my finances straight and becoming independent. 2011 will be about maintaining and adding to what I achieved financially in 2010, plus tackling new athletic challenges, embarking on more adventures, embracing new hobbies and overall becoming a healthier person.

Bring it on.



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