Thursday, January 27, 2011

New stuff! Plus, running like hell

How about a list for a change?
  • Last weekend, I edited and added some pages to this here bloggy blog: About, Writing, Contact and Favorite blogs. I've been wanting to do this for a while and it was so great to finally do it! Ahh, accomplishment! ("Accomplishment" looks like lying in bed in your pajamas until 1:30 on a Saturday, by the way.) I recommend Favorite blogs as the most exciting new page. Be careful, though — some of those blogs are like crack.
  • After lying in bed in my pajamas until 1:30 on a Saturday, I went for a 6-mile run. This is the farthest I've ever run at once, and it was part of a 5K training plan I'm doing to help me run a new personal record at my next race. This weekend calls for a 7-miler — woo-hoo! (Don't ask me why I'm running 7 miles to train for a 3-mile race. Ask Hal Higdon.)
  • Speaking of running, I started recording my runs on and added a widget to the right-hand column of this blog that tracks how many miles I've run so far in 2011. I'm up to 44 miles as of today! I don't think I've run 44 miles in... all the other years of my life combined. Crazy.
  • This weekend, I'm getting a new laptop! This upgrade is so long overdue. My breaking point was last week when Safari closed all my windows for no reason, and then took 5 minutes to reopen one simple page. Also, this old laptop will be useless for uploading/editing the high-quality photos I'll be taking on my new camera...
  • ...which I'll be getting next weekend (or sometime soon thereafter). I wrote in October that I would buy myself a digital SLR camera for Valentine's Day. It's happening, baby. I'm so excited.
  • Speaking of photography, Aaron started a photography blog and has already published some stunning images. Check out what he did with incense and some strobe lights here, this great portrait of our coworker here, and a super-cool photo and story here about how he got a brand-new, custom-built bicycle for free from a kind stranger. I know he has tons of great photos in his archives, so I'm excited to see what he'll put up next.
The next time I blog, I'll be typing on my new laptop and possibly uploading photos from my new camera! Until then, take care... and maybe procrastinate a bunch engage in new life experiences with some of my favorite blogs.


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