Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cheers to Presidents, beer and cupcakes

Despite my eagerness to move away from Woodinville to Seattle, I really do love that town.

I grew up there, moved away, then moved back and grew up some more. When college rolled around, I moved away again, resisted growing up as much as possible, then moved back and resumed growing up.

I'd like to think I'm done growing up now, but I'm not sure, since I believe adulthood is a myth and we're all just kids forever. Not in a weird, Michael Jackson way, but... you know.

What I do know is that I'm grown-up enough to swing by my hometown and enjoy the local specialty.

The $1/person tour at Redhook Ale Brewery gets you five samples of beer, plus a bonus sample of your choice. It's the best dollar I've ever spent about five or six times.

I love playing tourist in my own 'hood. What better way to honor our nation's presidents than with the enjoyment of fine craft beers?

What's that? Did... somebody say something about cupcakes?

This magical wonderland is New York Cupcakes in Bellevue. Just check out all the cupcake flavors they have and then promptly die of happiness.

Aaron and I went in search of the Cookie Dough Delight, a "classic chocolate cake filled with a moist cookie dough center, frosted with fluffy white buttercream and finished off with freshly baked chocolate chip cookie bits." Alas, this little piece of heaven is only offered on Saturdays.

We consoled ourselves with a Madison Avenue Mint Chocolate Chip and a Royal Red Velvet.

These helped us get over our disappointment pretty quickly. We will be back on a Saturday, though!

Bellevue is the only location of New York Cupcakes, but I'd say it's worth the trip for an occasional special treat. (I say occasional because at $3 a pop, these things make a pretty steep habit.)

If you're gonna have a habit, though, you might as well make it cupcakes. The frosting is the highlight here — it's perfectly light, fluffy and delicious.

And the decor is your quintessential cracked-out explosion of pink. Love!

What a fun three-day weekend that was! The work week brought with it a less-fun sickness, though, which I hope to be rid of in time for my way-fun vacation.

More details on that adventure as embarkation draws nearer...


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