Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday photography

I spent the morning playing around with my camera at home. Pretty Valentine's Day flowers!
Hmm, looks like my lens cap is bigger than Aaron's lens cap!
Aaron and I went for a walk along the Burke-Gilman trail to the Fremont Sunday Market and took some photos along the way.
All the food at the Fremont Sunday Market smelled amazing! I had a sample of delicious falafel, and a crew from Veraci Pizza was on hand to bake some fresh pies.
And a cute and very talented family band provided entertainment.
Later, I had lunch with my dad at Roxy's Diner in Fremont. I had a salmon sandwich and he went Monte Cristo sandwich at it.
My dad played around with my camera a bit and took this cool picture of his water glass. It's so much fun to do random stuff with it and see how photos turn out!
Just a nice, relaxing day following the race! I feel like I'm getting a little sick, but I'd really like to... not get sick. Hydration, relaxation and Grammy-watching are my exciting plans for the eve! And then, sighhh, on to another week...

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