Monday, February 14, 2011

The Townhouse

For 15 months, I lived in a little nook of my mom's house that was partially blocked off by a bookcase for privacy. I could have had my old bedroom back, but it had been turned into an office and was full of giant furniture — furniture that I would have to pay to keep in heated storage during my stay. Frankly, I'm just lazy and cheap. I chose to move my bed into the nook, and it was fine.

I was pretty ready to move into this townhouse, though.

After living at home for a while, I really wanted to find a nice place to live. A grown-up place. A place I wouldn't be embarrassed to show to my parents. It took a bit of looking, but my two roommates and I found this place and jumped on it.

The TV came with the townhouse, by the way. As much as I'd like to, I won't even pretend that it's mine!

We're still lacking some bar stools. Anybody have any? : )

Couch. Craigslist. $120. It fit perfectly into my minivan (with the seats taken out). It almost didn't fit up the stairs, but after a lot of sweat and frustration, it finally made it into the living room.

My room is far too messy to show here, but it has four walls, a closet and a door — all things that I'd been missing for the past 15 months. I honestly didn't miss them much — I always had a comfortable place to sleep and everything else I needed — but doing without them for a while just made having a room again that much nicer.

I had quite a bit of growing up to do during the time I lived at my mom's house, and now I feel like I have a grown-up place to match.

Also, there's cake here! And cake makes everything even better.


1 comment:

  1. I have barstools!

    Also, I keep meaning to comment and let you know how much I enjoy your blog and the inspiration it brings. I miss working with you and (if you're interested) would love to set up a coffee date with you and some of the old Crew!

    but, seriously... I do have nice leather barstools I keep meaning to put up on craigslist if you're interested...


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