Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The 7 Links of Answering Oliver

There have been a few improvements around here that I'd like to let y'all know about!

  • You can now subscribe to Answering Oliver via RSS — just do the Subscribe thingy in the right sidebar (directly under my big head). I'm a few years behind, um, everyone else and just started using Google Reader to subscribe to RSS feeds and keep track of some of my favorite blogs. It's amazing!

  • You can also sign up to receive new posts right in your email inbox just do the Follow By Email thingy in the right sidebar (directly under Subscribe and my big head). Since I don't post on a regular basis (sorry — I really want to change that!), you'll be notified when I put up a new post. That means you don't have to hang out on my blog hitting "refresh" over and over in anticipation! OK, so no one does that. Regardless, feel free to sign up to receive my posts via email — I swear I won't send you anything else, and you can unsubscribe at any time. 

My 7 Links

Meg over at Mega Musings tagged me to participate in posting seven links that fall under interesting categories. Most of my favorite bloggers have done this already and I've loved going back and reading the posts they've chosen! It gives new readers a chance to dig into stuff that's now collecting dust in the archives.

Here we go!


I wrote this post to celebrate how incredibly far my boyfriend had come in one year since he was hit by a car while riding his motorcycle. His extensive injuries, including a completely destroyed knee, sidelined him and demoralized him for months, and yet he came back with an intense desire to live life to its fullest and never let that accident impact his goals. I cried writing it. I cried reading it. I think his story, and his spirit, are beautiful.

An unhurried life

This post is the most popular by the number of comments and emails I received in response, and that meant so much to me. I think it was popular because Leo Babauta tweeted it to his 70,000-something Twitter followers, but I'd like to believe it was because it's awesome. : D

I wrote this about a life realization I had at the World Domination Summit in June, one that I happened to be able to share with Leo first. I have never, ever experienced anything like what happened to me on that walk through Portland; I suspect it's rare. I'm glad I have it down in words and photos.

Fremont Solstice Parade 2011

OK, I don't really have any controversial posts! Nothing has sparked a vigorous debate in the comments or spurred an angry email in my direction (so far).

I chose my post about the semi-naked bike ride for this because you would not believe how many people visit my blog because they're searching for naked photos from the Fremont Solstice Parade. In fact, it's actually my most popular post by far in terms of traffic. You mean people... search the Internet... for naked pictures? Scandalous!

I imagine that once people see my pictures and realize Aaron and I weren't naked, they're pretty disappointed. Sorry, guys! That's as controversial as it gets.


Last summer, after I became debt-free, I wrote this series of three posts full of tips to help people get started with paying off their debt. I outlined exactly how I got organized and created my first budget; how I badgered Citi into lowering the interest rate on my credit card from 19.99% to 9.99%; and how I successfully used cash to curb my spending and stick to my budget.

When I first started paying attention to my finances, I knew nothing! I think these posts are very helpful for anyone who's looking for their first steps.

(The more fun and interesting runner-up for Most Helpful Post is Hawaii video & what to do on Oahu.)

Halloween 2010: The lobster costume

I guess I shouldn't be surprised; this costume was awesome. I guess I'm more surprised by how many people share my desire to dress like a crustacean!

I was the talk of the Halloween party in this homemade costume — I was even able to play beer pong with my claws on! — and I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to top it this year...

The Value of Financial Struggle

This was actually a guest post that I wrote for Pocket Changed that got one very nice comment, and I'm proud of what I wrote.

Patience, passion and a plan were the three keys that helped me pay off my debt, and I still rely on those elements to achieve every goal I set for myself. Financial struggle definitely sucks, but I learned some very important things from it, and I wouldn't go back and change my financial journey for the world.

2010: The year in review

This was a tough post to write because I admitted several things that happened in 2010 that I was ashamed of. I'm proud that I was able to write this from a vastly different and better place, knowing that I was no longer that person who drank too much, didn't exercise at all and was deeply unhappy with her life.

I was finally able to say, "I am happy every day. I'm not necessarily happy all day, and sometimes not even most of the day, but I am happy. Every. Day."


That was fun! I'm tagging these five bloggers to post their seven links as well:

- Jacob Sokol of Sensophy
- Jodi Ettenberg of Legal Nomads (EDIT: Jodi's wonderful links are already here)
- Steve Kamb of Nerd Fitness
- Jenny Blake of Life After College
- Joel Runyon of Blog of Impossible Things

Can't wait to read 'em, ladies and gentlemen!


New here?


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