Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ride from Seattle to Vancouver and Party

Aaron completed another epic bike ride this past weekend — the 2011 RSVP, or Ride from Seattle to Vancouver and Party!

He rode 106 miles from Seattle to Bellingham, Wash., on Saturday, then trekked the final 82 miles to Vancouver, B.C., on Sunday.

I was conveniently waiting for him in Vancouver, ready to participate in the "party" portion of the event.

The two-day ride sounded like it would be a breeze compared to the one-day, 204-mile STP, but apparently the hilly, windy first day of RSVP was worse than the entire STP.

Still, Aaron killed it, and was the first rider to arrive at a rest stop 80 miles in. He was among the first to arrive in Bellingham, and at least in the top 15 of the first riders to show up the next day in Vancouver.

He's kinda crazy, in an awesome way.

I took a bus to Vancouver on Saturday and had plenty of time to unhurriedly wander around and take in the gorgeous city.

I meandered through a Brazilian festival, which featured some pretty intense Capoeira.

I walked along the waterfront and enjoyed the scenic trail — a nicely developed green oasis that almost makes you forget about the mirrored skyscrapers that loom nearby.

On Sunday morning, I went for an 8-mile run on that trail, which runs all along the seawall around Stanley Park. The cool, salty breeze off the water kept me comfortable under the hot sun, and every step brought a more stunning view! Running + sightseeing = true love.

I also loved the funky little details I noticed along the city's streets.

OK, so this one's a big detail. I called it the Lego Whale!

It's actually called Digital Orca, but it'll always be Lego Whale to me.

More adventures from Vancouver to come. What a fabulous city!


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